The Ball Mauler 4

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Join us Saturday May 30, 2015 for the forth edition of The Ball Mauler. The route covers around 71 miles with about 11,000 feet of climbing. Meet at Kelly’s French Bakery in Santa Cruz. We roll out at 8:00 am. If you want to ride a portion, there are multiple bailout options along the route. The Ball Mauler is officially an unofficial and unsupported ride.

Mark you calendar and tell you friends. Contact us with questions.

Below is the approximate route with mileage and elevation gain, so you can plan how much of the ride you want to do:

1) Kelly’s Bakery up Western up Empire Grade to the top of Jamison Rd: 17.5 miles/2,900ft
2) Down Jamison to Hwy 236 and back up 6mis (then ride Empire Grade Rd south to the top of Alba 4mis): 10 miles/1,600ft
3) Down Alba Rd to Hwy 9 and back up 7.4mis (ride Empire Grade Rd south to the top of Pine Flat Rd 1.9mis): 8.3 miles/2,200ft
4) Down Pine Flat & Bonny Doon to Hwy 1 and back up 14.8mis (ride Empire Grade Rd south to the top of Felton Empire 1.8mis): 16.6 miles/2,100ft
5) Down Felton Empire to Hwy 9 and back up 7.2mis (ride Empire Grade Rd to Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery 9.8mis): 17 miles/1,600ft

5 climbs

71 miles

11,000 feet of climbing

Tight edit of last year’s The Ball Mauler 3 from Sadlegs on Vimeo.


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